#34 - How to conduct minor repairs on metal roofs

Training your maintenance workers to do minor roof repairs on your metal roofs can save a lot of maintenance money for your Company. A leak can be quickly repaired vs. waiting days or weeks for a Roofing Contractor to arrive on site. It can also save on structural water damage and lost production as the leak(s) can be repaired quickly.

This course is ideal for building maintenance people, Roofing Consultants, Facility Managers, Roofing Contractors, Engineers , Engineering Technicians, Building Owners, and anyone else responsible with conducting minor roof leak repairs.

Do you want to save big bucks on leak repairs and roof maintenance? If you have the workers available, this course will teach them how to do the minor roof repairs, stop the leaks, and keep your costs as low as possible.

Length of course: 2 - 3 hours.