#32 - How to find a qualified Home Inspector and 7 mistakes when hiring Roof Contractors

How to I find a qualified Home Inspector? The home inspection industry is unregulated, so this question is very important. Anyone can claim to be a home inspector. Find someone with training and experience in the industry to avoid troubles down the road. Association memberships may be useful, but unfortunately there are a wide variety of associations and credentials. 10 necessary qualifications are conversed in this course.

The 7 mistakes to avoid when hiring Roofing Contractors. There are good Contractors and there are not so good ones. This course explains the do’s and don’ts of working with Roofing Contractors. It also explains how you should assess your roofing issues and have a Contractors repair them before they become costly monsters. It lists the reasons why you should look beyond your local area to find good contractors, and help you sort out the reasons why some bids may be low and some may be too high. It also explains what to do when someone shows up at your door and offers to fix your roof problems.

This course is ideal for Homeowners and anyone who will be working with Roofing Contractors.

Length of course: Approximately 1-2 hours