#31 - 4 easy steps to repair or replace your home roof

Your roof needs repairs, but trying to find qualified Contractors to provide quotations can be a daunting task. This course was designed to take the headache out of dealing with roof Contractors, getting a reasonable price, and getting a good job completed. We have created a 4 step process and supply the forms that you can pass out to Contractors and obtain quotations on roof repairs for your home. Step#1 – Download the forms in the course and print copies for the Contractors. Step#2 – Call 2 or 3 Contractors, give them the forms, ask them to inspect your roof and list out the roof defects for repairs, and provide a quotation for the repairs they have identified. Step#3 – Examine the quotations and decide which Contractor will do the repairs. The successful Contractor must have fall protection training certification for their workers, provide proof of liability insurance, and provide certification of Workers Compensation coverage. Step#4 – Check the completed work, repair any deficiencies, obtain the Contractor’s and roof system Manufacturer’s long term warranties, and pay the Contractor for the work. The course also provides tips for finding experienced and honest Contractors to do your roofing repairs.

This course is ideal for Homeowners and anyone who requires roof repairs.

Length of course: Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.