#3 - Material components of commercial roofing systems

This training program illustrates the components that make up a commercial roofing system. These include thermal boards, vapor retarders, insulation boards, protection or recovery boards, the roof membrane system, and various types of projection flashings. We show all the major roofing components being used today and explain their use in a commercial roofing system. Most of the components are available throughout the world, but in some areas insulations and protection boards may be slightly different, but have the same end use.

This course is ideal for Maintenance Workers, Roofing Consultants, Roofing Contractors, Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Quality Assurance Inspectors, and anyone who wants to upgrade their commercial roofing knowledge. Knowing how a commercial roof system is constructed is also valuable knowledge for roof application inspectors and others involved in roof inspection and waterproofing.

Length of course: 1 to 2 hours.