#25 - How to replace shingled roofs

We have assembled several photographs and 11 of the best videos we could find from professional Roofing Consultants and Roofing Contractors to assist you in repairing your roof. This course shows how to replace all your shingled roof or smaller areas that have been damaged. If you are doing complete replacement we recommend that you use 30 year, single tab shingles. They cost only a little more than 25 year three tab shingles, but you will have much less shingle blowoffs during wind storms. If your home is in a high wind area, you should use 6 nails per tab instead of 4. The nailing lines and locations are shown in the videos. Before conducting your roof replacement, you may want to take course#29 (How to work safely on your roof.)

This course is ideal for Homeowners, Roofing Workers, Roofing Consultants, Roofing Contractors, and anyone who wants to inspect a residential shingled roof. 

Length of course: Approximately 1 hour.