#24 - How to repair shingled roofs

We have assembled several photographs and 8 of the best videos we could find from professional Roofing Consultants and Roofing Contractors to assist you in repairing your roof. Some of the course subjects include how to repair a blown off shingle tab, how to replace a damaged shingle with a complete new one, and how to repair pipe flashings. Residential roofs that are waterproofed with asphalt or fibreglass shingles should be inspected after every major windstorm and at least once a year, preferably in the spring. Before conducting the roof inspection, you may want to take course# 29 (How to work safely on your roof.)

This course is ideal for Homeowners, Roofing Workers, Roofing Consultants, Roofing Contractors, and anyone who wants to inspect a residential shingled roof.

Length of course: Approximately 1 hour.