#13 - How to work safely on commercial roofs

Please note that we are not certified safety course providers in your area. You likely already have your fall protection safety training completed. Our safety courses are designed to show you what the consequences are when you don’t work safely at all times. Many of our supporting videos are quite graphic and show workers falling off roofs and construction site accidents. They show how easily a skill saw can kick back and cause a serious injury. They show stories of injuries that were preventable and the ruining of lives of former construction workers who now get around in a wheel chair. These are grim reminders that you can not take your mind off of working safely every day even a second. Included are Safety Hazzard Assessment forms that can be customized to allow you to catalogue roof safety hazards and put controls on them. The course includes 8 professionally produced videos on roof fall protection safety and a 10 question exam and training certificate.

This course is ideal for anyone who works at heights and who wants to keep safety as the top priority when working on roofs.

Length of course: 1 to 2 hours.