#10 - How to design and maintain a roof maintenance program

We recommend that you take course# 1 (How to conduct a good roof inspection) and course# 7 (How to scan a roof with an infrared camera”) then take this course which will assist you in putting your roof maintenance program together. If you intend to contract out the roof scanning, then you only need to take course#1 then take this one. This course is ideal for Maintenance Workers, Roofing Consultants, Facility Managers, Roofing Contractors, Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Building Owners, and anyone else responsible with roof maintenance.

A study several years ago by a Building Authority in Ontario, Canada, found that it was much less expensive to maintain a roof than to repair the leaks and replace it when necessary. They compared 100 buildings with annual maintenance programs vs. 100 buildings with no maintenance programs over a 10 year period. They found it was 57% less expensive to maintain each roof than to wait and replace them when necessary. They proved that annual roof maintenance does save a lot of money for building owners. This course shows the processes necessary to set up the roof maintenance program, how to continue it each year, and includes forms covering the roof inspection and the cataloguing of the required roof information.

Length of course: 1 - 2 hours.